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Mary Anne Slaterus-Pike, her ancestry

An ancestor whom I long had interest in, was my father's direct matrilineal ancestor Mary Anne Slaterus-Pike (1844-1916). The only family stories about her were delivered by her granddaughter, my great-great-grandmother Jkvr. Frederika Mallien-Leyssius, who, according to what is told me, loved telling all her stories in the East Indies again and again: "Did I already tell you...?" Told or not, she would speak.

About her grandmother Mary Anne Pike, not an awful lot was known nor told. She was born on her father's ship, which was told to be a pirate ship - of course, this was to colour  the story - but it turned out that it was true Mary Anne was born on board of her father's ship. Furthermore, the story rose that she was related to a "bishop Pike", but for this no clues have been found.

Some research about her was done by Christiaan van Vuure, who worked together with Henk Slaterus on the family tree Slaterus. In a journey to Padang on the island of Sumatra, and found information on the background of Mary Anne Pike. Her parents were Michael Lawrence Pike, a captain from India (Jaggernaikpuram) and the native baptized woman Sophia. Furthermore became clear that Michael Lawrence Pike was the son of the identical named Michael Lawrence Pike and Wilhelmina Dirksen.

A picture of Mary Anne Slaterus-Pike with some family in front of her house in Padang:

Mary Anne Slaterus-Pike with some children and sons-in-law,
Padang, ca. 1900 (thanks to Christiaan van Vuure).

About this picture is written on the Slaterus blog.

Pike is English

Research in the online databases of and the British Library, passenger lists on google books, and contacts with possible family member Carrie  Butler, made it possible to create a pedigree of Mary Anne Pike. It is shown below, written in Dutch.

First however, I will make some initial comments:

In the database I firstly stumbled on a Michael Laverence Pike, born in Churston Ferrers, Devonshire 1746/7. He was the only of that name in the whole database. Though one does have to be aware of coincidence, this is a name too rare to be not connected with the Pikes in the East.

On google books, in journals like  "The Asiatic Journal", a captain M. Pike was mentioned, travelling on his ship "The Reliance" along the shore of eastern India. That this was to be understood as Michael Lawrence Pike senior is due to the fact that once miss Dirkes with some relatives (miss A. Dirkes = Anna Elisabeth Dirksz or Aleida Theodora Dirksz , master B. Dirkes = Benjamin Thomas Dirksz) travelled with him.

In lists mentioning Michael Laverence Pike (*1746/7) from Churston Ferrers, this person is called a leaseholder. This means he was quite an agrarian. This Michael Laverence Pike was not the right person to be married to Wilhelmina Dirksen. He was just "to old," and besides that was an agrarian.
More logically, he could be an earlier member of the family travelling to India.

Contacts with Carrie Butler, who also descend a Pike from India, revealed she also thought Michael Laverence Pike had something to do with the later Michael Lawrence Pike x Wilhelmina Dirksen, but was not sure how these two people connected to each other.

Quite soon after, she said she may have found a solution: in chronological and geographical ways it made a very good sense.

She found a Michael Laverence Pike married to Elizabeth Spicer Moss in the parish of Plymstock, a village some east of the harbour town Plymouth. As Plymstock only lay 30 miles from Churston Ferrers, the name Michael Laverence Pike was quite unique, and Plymstock was close to a harbour city, we may identify this Michael Laverence Pike with the one born in Churston Ferrers. In a document he deals together with presumably family member Walter Avent Moss with the business of some ships, which means he is connected with sea faring affairs. In the document he is called "of Preston" which according to me is to be read "of Oreston", a parish close to Plymstock.
Together with Elizabeth Spicer Moss he got five children, among one was Michael Lawrence Pike (born 1779).
It seems rather logical to me that this Michael Lawrence Pike (1779), born in a village near to sea and with a father coping with sea faring affairs, was about to begin a career at sea. I propose to equate him with the captain M. Pike of the "Reliance", married to Wilhelmina Dirksen.

I made a scheme of my conclusions, to make things more clear, as it is confusing to have 3 people of the same name succeeding each other:
Pike: from Devonshire to Sumatra

In the pedigree below I included some more information (it is in Dutch).

Concerning Wilhelmina Dirksen, I found her on, baptized in Sadras as Wilhelmina Nentie Dirksz (with Nentie "Nancy"), daughter of Christian Bernhardus Dirksz and Maria Mentie Gevel. In the pedigree more is said about them also. Attempts to map their ancestry are not yet made, but this will be very difficult, as the registers from the Coromandel coast have not been preserved very well.

A pedigree of Mary Anne Pike.

Generatie 1

1 Mary Anne Pike, geboren op 15 februari 1844 op haar vaders schip “Norfolk”, nabij het eiland Singkep (Oost-Sumatra), overleden te Padang op 23 november 1916.Zij was gehuwd te Padang op 5 oktober 1863 met Frederik Lodewijk Slaterus, boekhouder, geboren te Huize Cruysvoorde, Twello, op 11 november 1831, overleden te Padang op 11 december 1894, zoon van Frederik Lodewijk Slaterus en van Anne Marie Wilhelmine Lohman.

Generatie 2

2 Michael Lawrence Pike, gezagvoerder, geboren volgens trouwakte te Jaggarnaikpoeram (Coromandelkust, Brits-Indië), gedoopt te Fort St. George op 4 maart 1815, overleden te Padang op 24 december 1865. Hij was later gehuwd te Padang op 10 december 1864 met Louise Henriette Apon. Hieruit:
1.     Michael Lawrence Apon, geboren te Padang op 1 april 1851, overleden aldaar op 28 mei 1852.
2.     Nicolaas Pike, geboren te Padang op 8 april 1853, jong overleden in de jaren 1880.
3.     Louise Henriette Pike, geboren te Padang op 22 juni 1855. Zij is gehuwd met Charles Louis Baier. Zij vertrokken naar 's-Gravenhage.
Vanaf 1843 had hij een relatie met
3 Sophia, gedoopte inlandse vrouw. Hieruit:
1.     Mary Anne Pike, 1
2.     William Pike, geboren te Padang op 26 augustus 1847.

Generatie 3

4 Michael Lawrence Pike, kapitein van de “Reliance,’ te Madras, gedoopt te Plymstock (Devonshire) op 13 augustus 1779, overleden op zee bij de Bengalen op 17 november 1823. Hij was gehuwd met
5 Wilhelmina Nancy Dirksz, gedoopt te Sadras op 10 juli 1788. Hieruit:
1.     Michael Pike, born at Coringa 2 januari 1806, gedoopt te Calcutta 4 januari 1807, overleden 21 mei 1811.
2.     Captain William Pike, geboren in 1808, gedoopt te Fort St. George 23 september 1809, diende in de country service, overleden te Coringa 9 juni 1841.
3.     Nicholas Pike, geboren op 23 May 1810, gedoopt te Fort St. George (Madras) op 23 maart 1811.
4.     Mary Anne Pike, geboren op 19 mei 1812, gedoopt te Fort St. George 16 oktober 1813, gehuwd te Madras op 31 maart 1832 Mr. Robert Constantine Cole, esquire, koopman, overleden Madras 3 augustus 1842.
5.     Michael Lawrence Pike, 2
6.     [Nicolas Pike, geboren te Madras in 1817, algae collector, painter of Indian Ocean and Mauritius fish, overleden in 1905?.]
7.     [Mr. John Pike.]

Generatie 4

8 Michael Laverence Pike, gedoopt te Churston Ferrers op 3 maart 1746/7. Hij is gehuwd te Plymstock op 7 december 1774 met
9 Elizabeth Spicer Moss, gedoopt te Plymstock op 22 november 1751, begraven aldaar op 29 januari 1788.
1.     William Moss Pike, gedoopt te Plymstock op 22 juni 1776.
2.     Ann Spicer Pike, gedoopt te Plymstock op 7 december 1777. Zij huwt Christopher Pike, haar neef.
3.     Michael Lawrence Pike, 4
4.     Nicholas Moss Pike, geboren te Oreston (Plymstock) in 1783, gedoopt te Plymstock op 1 april 1784.
5.     Tabitha Moss Pike, gedoopt te Plymstock op 21 januari 1787.
10 Christian Bernardus Dirksz, boekhouder O.I.C, resident Jaggernaikpoeram.
Hij is gehuwd (2) met Anna Elisabeth van Holt. Hieruit:
1.     Maria Mentie Dirksz, geboren op 14 december 1797, gedoopt te Jaggernaikpoeram op 18 augustus 1799. Zij huwt 31 oktober 1817 te Nellapilly Capt. C.F. Davies.
2.     Anna Elisabeth Dirksz, geboren op 17 novembe r 1804, gedoopt te Coringa op 11 februari 1810.
3.     Aleida Theodora Dirksz, geboren op 19 november 1806, gedoopt te Coringa op 11 februari 1810.
4.     Benjamin Thomas Dirksz, geboren op 23 september 1808, gedoopt te Malapilly op 11 februari 1810.
Hij was gehuwd (1) met
11 Maria Mentie Gevel, misschien afstammend van Bartholomeus Gevel, die een eeuw eerder vaandrig was aan de Coromandel, hij vertrekt 1719 naar Indië.
1.     Wilhelmina Nancy Dirksz, 5

Generatie 5

16 John Pike, gedoopt te Stoke Gabriel op 23 september 1703. Hij was gehuwd te Exeter op 17 mei 1733 met
17 Ann Laverence, gedoopt te Churston Ferrers op 14 december 1701.
1.     Christopher Pike, gedoopt te Churston Ferrers op 23 april 1734.
2.     John Pike, gedoopt te Churston Ferrers op 3 juli 1735.
3.     William Pike, gedoopt te Churston Ferrers op 3 maart 1737. Hij was gehuwd met Joan.
4.     Philip Pike, gedoopt te Churston Ferrers op 19 juni 1739. Hij was gehuwd te Plymstock op 12 juli 1760 met Mary Winston Pearse.
5.     Ann Pike, gedoopt te Churston Ferrers op 17 september 1742.
6.     Elizabeth Pike, gedoopt te Churston Ferrers op 12 maart 1744.
7.     Michael Laverence Pike, 8
18 Nicholas Moss, gehuwd te Plymstock op 13 augustus 1740 met
19 Tabitha Spicer.
1.     Nicholas Cunliff Moss.
2.     William Spicer Moss.
3.     Robert Moss.
4.     Elizabeth Spicer Moss, 9
5.     Walter Avent Moss (vermoedelijk Moss verwant aan Avent, mogelijk Walter Avent x 1704 Alice Oswell, Wembury?)
6.     Alice Moss.

Generatie 6

32 Nathaniel Pike, gedoopt te Blackawton in 1675. Hij was gehuwd te Stoke Gabriel op 1 juni 1698 met
33 Penelope Kelly, gedoopt te Stoke Gabriel op 12 juli 1669.
1.     Anne Pike, gedoopt te Stoke Gabriel op 19 oktober 1699.
2.     John Pike, gedoopt te Stoke Gabriel op 6 november 1700, overleden aldaar op 23 april 1701
3.     Nathaniel Pike, gedoopt te Stoke Gabriel op 24 februari 1702. Hij was gehuwd te met Eleanor, overleden te Brixham op 4 januari 1747.
4.     John Pike, 16
5.     Philip Pike, gedoopt te Stoke Gabriel op 2 september 1707. Freeholder Churston Ferrers 1734-1747, hij was gehuwd te Exeter op 17 juli 1733 met Edith Crews.
34 Michael Laverence, gedoopt te Churston Ferrers op 2 april 1657, begraven aldaar op 31 maart 1732. Hij was gehuwd met
35 Ann, begraven te Churston Ferrers op 12 juli 1738.
1.     Michael Laverence, gedoopt te Churston Ferrers op 25 december 1689.
2.     Mary Laverence, gedoopt te Churston Ferrers op 12 april 1691.
3.     William Laverence, gedoopt te Churston Ferrers op 28 januari 1694, begraven aldaar december 1724.
4.     Ann Laverence, 17

Generatie 7

64 Philip Pike, te Blackawton, gehuwd met
65 Cicily.
66 John Kelly, hij was gehuwd met
67 Susanna.
68 Richard Laverence, hij was gehuwd te Paignton op 16 januari 1648 met
69 Embline Pearce, gedoopt te Churston Ferrers op 14 juni 1615, begraven aldaar in september 1691.

Generatie 8

138 William Pearce, hij was gehuwd te Churston Ferrers op 4 november 1605 met
139 Weltinge Harry, begraven te Churston Ferrers in juli 1660.

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Een bezoek aan het archief te Brühl

Afgelopen zomer reisden mijn moeder en ik af naar het Duitse stadje Brühl, nabij Keulen. In twee dagen hoopten we meer grip te krijgen op het Duitse bloed in ons, een fenomeen dat niet onbekend is onder de Nederlanders.
In het archief te Brühl zijn de doop-  trouw-  en begraafregisters alsmede de burgelijke stand van grofweg het gebied Nordrhein-Westfalen te vinden. Het archief zelf is gevestigd in een zijvleugel van het Schloss Augustusburg, een mooie plek voor zo'n instituut!

Na aankomst bleek dat het archief geen koffie te bieden had; we liepen daarom eerst naar het centrum van Brühl, en namen lekker een cappuccino aan het marktplein.

Tegen het eind van de ochtend konden we gaan beginnen met het onderzoek. Na een duidelijke inschrijving kregen we instructies hoe we boeken konden aanvragen en microfiches moesten pakken. Hoewel dit voor ons een bekend verschijnsel was, houden de Duitsers nu eenmaal van administratie. Microfiches kon je wel pakken, maar het papiertje wat je op de plek van de gepakte microfiche legt, moest je naam en een nummer bevatten.
De microfiches bevatten over het algemeen tafels van de burgelijke stand. De akten zelf van de burgelijke stand waren meest gedigitaliseerd en konden via nummers/data gevonden worden op de aanwezige computers.

Nu we ver genoeg waren met de burgelijke stand, die in en rond Aken, ons belangrijkste onderzoeksgebied, al begon in 1797, moesten we de DTB induiken.
Het archief had het systeem dat je niet zelf de DTB-boeken uit kasten kon pakken. Je diende de boeken aan te vragen via een briefje, waarmee je meer dan tien boeken in een kon aanvragen. Een halfuur later lagen ze dan voor je klaar.
Dit was in ieder geval de procedure voor de stad Aken en de nabijgelegen parochie van Burtscheid. We hebben lekker wat gegevens gevonden voor onze familie.

De dag echter, liep gauw tot zijn eind, en we begonnen de volgende dag meteen weer met de rest van Aken. Ergens in de tweede helft van de 17e eeuw liepen we wel vast. Hun achternamen kwamen wel voor in de DTB, maar zij zelf waren niet te vinden. Vermoedelijk zijn ze in naburige dorpjes ter kerke gegaan.

Tegen de middag rondden we het Akense af, en keerden naar de protestantse Duitse voorvader Pieter Herkenraad, die voor het nodige nageslacht gezorgd heeft in de Hoeksche Waard, zijnde 'afkomstig uit het Furstendom Mörs'.
In het Haagse CBG was al gebleken dat hij in ieder geval niet in de stad Mörs gedoopt was.
We raadpleegden dus de parochiekaart die in de studiezaal hing, en gingen de dorpjes rond Mörs af. Deze parochieën hadden hun DTB in gedigitaliseerde vorm, wat een stuk sneller werkte. Uiteindelijk vonden we hem in de parochie van Vluyn: zijn ouders waren Tilman Herkelrath x Elisabeth. Jammer is, dat de trouwregisters van Vluyn uit deze periode (ca. 1740) niet aanwezig danwel bewaard zijn, want in de protestantse registers werd de familienaam van de moeder niet genoemd.
We hebben wel echter een band gelegd tussen Vluyn en Oud Beijerland.

We hebben een hoop geleerd van ons bezoek aan Brühl, het verschil gezien tussen Nederlandse en Duitse archieven, en gezien dat er veel te vinden is, ook over de grens.

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The battle of Kappel 1531, and a brother clash

It was on the 9th October 1531 that the Catholic cantons of Switzerland declared war to the Protestant Zürich. The 2nd Müsserkrieg formed a motivation for the declaration. Switzerland now was ready to begin the Zweiter Kappelerkrieg. After the Erster Kappelerkrieg in 1529 tensions between the Protestant and Catholic remained. On the 11th October 1531, Catholics with an army of 7000 soldiers fought against the Züricher Protestants, who were with 2000 men in the Battle of Kappel. Zürich stood alone in this battle, as other Protestant cantons did not support the army. The leader of the Zürichers was the Swiss reformer Huldrych Zwingli. He was noted for his reform ideas as early as 1518, when he preached as pastor in Grossmünster, Zürich. The Battle of Kappel would cost him his life, together with 500 other Protestants.
The Catholics, who won the Battle took Zwingli's body and burned him as a heretic.
Later attempts of the Protestants for revenge did not go so well, as is to be seen in the peace treatment (the Zweiter Landfrieden).
According to the Zweiter Landfrieden, the Catholics were given priority in common territories, but already reformed parishes were allowed to remain Protestant. An establishment of the two religions in Switzerland, a new concept, would follow.

An interesting genealogical picture is to be gained in this battle of Kappel.

It is to be starting with the ancestry of the vicar Hans Jakob Schlatter (1671-1718), the progenitor of the Dutch family Slaterus - thanks for his ancestry in male line to Henk Slaterus.
It was time to look at his  ancestry on the maternal line. His mother, Barbara Keller vom Steinbock descended from an important Züricher family. Consider following state, her ancestry from the family Göldli is pictured - note that the years are not all verified; most people are living around Zürich:

Heinrich Göldli, (+1514)
x Barbara von Peyern
Kaspar Göldli (ca. 1468-1542)                                          Georg Göldli (ca. 1466-1536)
x Ursula von Breiten-Landenberg                                  x Emerita Mötteli von Rappenstein
                |                                                                                            |
Hans Heinrich Göldli (1496-1553)                                  Joachim Göldli (+1581)
x Adelheid Schleidinger (+1573)                                     x 1524 Barbara von Bonstetten (+1531)
                |                                                                                            |
Elisabeth Göldli (1527-1578)                                            Fortunata Göldli
x 1545 Wolfgang Haller (1525-1601)                               x 1548 Rudolf Rordorf (1515-1570)
                |                                                                                            |
Dorothea Haller (1546-1592)                                            Elisabeth Rordorf (*1561)
x 1563 Prof. Jakob Ulrich (1538-1605)                             x 1588 Hans Konrad Koller
                |                                                                                            |
Martha Ulrich (1577-1649)                                                Hans Rudolf Koller (1588-1662)
x 1597 Hans Heinrich Keller vom Steinbock (*1574)        x 1608 Regula Pfister
                |                                                                                            |
Hans Konrad Keller vom Steinbock (1611-1681) x 1633 Regula Koller (1615-1690)
Barbara Keller vom Steinbock (1642-1684) x Hans Rudolf Schlatter (1642-1684)
Hans Jacob Schlatter (=Johannes Jacobus Slaterus) (1671-1718) --> Dutch family Slaterus

The two brothers Kasper and Georg Göldli both participated in the battle of Kappel. Though neither of them fell in battle, Kasper fought at the Catholic side, and Georg at the Protestant side.

Let's first summarize their lifes:

Kaspar Göldli (ca. 1468-1542), was treasurer at the court in Milan 1487. In 1499 he was captain of the Züricher Fähnlein (a sort of battalion with foot folk) in the battle of Frastanz. In 1506-1510, 1516-1522 he was Reichsvogt, in 1514 Landvogt at Lugano. He continued his military career  as commander of the Züricher Fähnlein in the Papstzug in 1521. The same year, he received knighthood. In 1523 he was Zeugherr. The same year he fled to Rapperswil, being involved in a juridical process around Konrad Hegner. In 1531, he temporary went to Schwyz, and fought in the battle of Kappel at the Catholic side. In 1542 he died at Rapperswil. He married (1) to Ursula von Breiten-Landenberg, and (2) to Kunigunde von Stadion.

Georg Göldli (ca. 1466-1536), in 1495 participant of the Grossrat in Zürich, 1519 captain in service of the duke of Württemberg, in 1521 captain in the Zug to Piacenza, and became knight in the same year of his brother. In 1531, he served as captain in the second Müsserkrieg, which led to the second Kappelerkrieg, where Georg was commander on the Protestant side. After the battle, an investigation was started upon him, I suggest because of the Protestant failure in this battle. He was acquitted, but left Zürich in 1532. The "Göldlitürm" he sold, and four years later, in 1536, he died in Konstanz.
Georg was married three times: (1) to Emerita Mötteli von Rappenstein, (2) to Catharina Truchsess von Waldburg, and (3) to Anna Keller vom Steinbock.

I wonder how big the tension was between the two brothers; did they clash on faith, or did they just do their job with regrets facing each other?  These are interesting, though no easy answerable questions.

Eventually, both sides went Protestant, and the families  became - or remained - part of the more distinguished Zürich elite. Fun is the descendence from both brothers.

A lot of information about the Swiss history is to be found in the Historisches Lexicon der Schweiz

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Florentine ancestry in Antwerp merchants, part 2

De Cordes

Before we'll look at the Florentine roots of Tommaso Spinelli, I first want to take a look at the less known family "De Cordes".

Till now it is absolutely not to say, how Constantia Spinelli's mother has to fit in the De Cordes-family. I suppose she will turn out to descend from the couple Jean de Cordes, seigneur de Biez, who married in 1451 Marguerite de Tiestelin. They lived in Doornik, Henegouwen. As Constantia Spinelli is known to have been born in 1516, then I estimate her mother's birth around 1490. She therefore might be a grandchild of Jean de Cordes.
In the trade between Flanders and Venice at least Jacques, Baltazar and Thomas de Cordes participated. It is not immediately clear to me if they are the sons or the grandsons of Jean de Cordes, but notable is the name of "Balthazar", which later on would become an important name in the Coymans family.


Tommaso Spinelli was the son of Guasparre Spinelli and his wife Alessandra Gualterotti.
Guasparre, according to The Spinelli of Florence, was a man busy with the affairs of his eleven children. He was raised in Venice, and went to the family palace in Florence after inheriting his uncle's bank and silk firm. Due to bad economic circumstances - Florence was about to decline quickly - he had to dissolve the bank.
Of his children, Tommaso, Leonardo and Benetto got the most successful. Tommaso as an agent/ambassador, Leonardo too, eventually through priesthood becoming chamberlain of Pope Julius II. Benedetto runned a silk trade, stretching to France and Flanders. Notable is that one daughter of Guasparre bears the name Costanza, the Italian variant of Constantia.
Guasparres ancestors are mentioned also in the book, of which most interesting is the family Strozzi, from whom grandmother Bice descended.
Alessandra Gualterotti was the daughter of Pietro di Bartolomeo Gualterotti, a family also joining the richer class in Florence.


Though it is known that Constantia Spinelli was the daughter of a Thomas Spinelli, I never have seen stated that her father was/could be Tommaso di Guasparre Spinelli.

The illegitimacy  explains that Constantia Spinelli marries not an Italian merchant, but a relatively homo novus in Antwerp. Furthermore, though it seems that names like "Thomas, Balthazar, Gaspar" were relatively popular in merchants in the sixteenth century, they are not very common, and all three are being found under the children of the couple Coymans-Spinelli.

I believe many people may now, of course aware of the fact that by now no conclusive evidence is presented, add these interesting Florentine family to their pedigree.

See here for the conclusive evidence.

Florentine ancestry in Antwerp merchants, part 1

In the sixteenth century, many merchants had their flourishing trade businesses in Antwerp; well known are the merchants of cloth. 
In genealogical perspective, this period is interesting, because of the international movements these merchants made.

 One interesting merchant family forms the family around Jeronimus Coymans (1503-1580), son of a purse maker from Wuustwezel, started a trade in Antwerp, where goods like "lywaet" (linen), sugar and cinnamon are part of. He also traded in marine insurances.
It was around 1540 he married Constantia Spinelli (1516-1581), daughter of Thomas.

 Together, they conceived 10 children, had 37 grandchildren, and 109 great-grandchildren, most of whom eventually could be found in the merchant elite at Amsterdam; it seems to me not dangerous to state, that by the 1800's many people of the Amsterdam elite either descended from Coymans, or married a descendant.

 Today, there might be a few thousands, maybe even ten thousand descendants of the couple Coymans-Spinelli. Quite some of them, I included, will descend them twice or more; intermarriage in elites was till the 19th century quite normal.

 The surname "Spinelli" intrigued me, as it was not a very Antwerpian or even a Walloon name. When having looked the Coymans-file at the CBG (Centraal Bureau voor de Genealogie) in The Hague, one of the many hand-drawn pedigrees in it stated that Constantia Spinelli was born in 1516 as the "natuurlijke dochter van Thomas Spinelli en van ... de Cordes". The notion of "natuurlijke dochter" thus meant she was not born in marriage, but in an illegitimate relationship.

 The only Thomas Spinelli, who we find in the Southern Netherlands at that time, was the Florentine agent of Henry VIII of England. Some research on google teaches us that "Tommaso" Spinelli could be found in the Low Countries as early as 1507, when he visited an Antwerpian notary as "Tommaso di Guasparre Spinelli". Later on, in 1513/4 he could be found at Ghent, Brussels, and Bruges.

The Spinelli Archives show a description of his testament, made in september 1522.

 About his children, I did not found an awful lot; he presumably had a son Guasparre, who sent letters in 1518 and 1520 from Antwerp to his uncle Leonardo Spinelli, who served under the pope. Guasparre (or Gasparo) was also known as secretary of the Venetian ambassador in London, so he did have a position similar to his father.

 Tommaso Spinelli was born in 1472 as the son of the Florentine Guasparre di Niccodemo Spinelli and Alessandra di Pietro Gualterotti.

On google books, a large excerpt of "The Spinelli of Florence" can be viewed. The genealogies in the end give Tommaso Spinelli as his wive Marietta Alamanneschi.

Titles of files in the "Spinelli Archives" show Tommaso as having married Daniela di Mattheo Frederighi.

 Though it appears Tommaso did marry twice, the Coymans-file gives him a illegitimate daughter "Constantia", with mother a De Cordes, a family also known in the trade between the Low Countries and Italy.
More is to be said about the families "Spinelli" and "De Cordes".

The Spinelli of Florence, google books